Stomach Pain with Cramps – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Did you know that stomach pain with cramps is common with nearly 1 in 5 Australian adults suffering regularly1? Stomach pain with cramps is a type of pain that is different from headaches and it makes sense to consider a special type of treatment. Symptoms Symptoms of stomach pain with cramps can be described as… View Article

Why should I use Buscopan®?

Relax the cramp, Relieve the pain. Buscopan provides rapid relief of stomach pain with cramps. After being swallowed, Buscopan moves down the digestive tract. There, Buscopan interrupts the signal that tells the muscles of the digestive system to cramp. The muscles then relax and the pain subsides.1 For specialised and rapid relief Buscopan is an… View Article

Anti-stress Tips for Stomach Pain with Cramps

Did you know that stress can cause stomach pain with cramps? When the body is under stress due to work pressures or other concerns, you may experience cramping in the stomach and bowel muscles as your digestive system cannot relax. The first thing we recommend for a stress-free life is organising your time sensibly and… View Article